What should we wear for family photography?
Simplicity is the key, it is best to keep clothing simple, avoiding big logos or busy patterns. Wear clothes that represent you and who you are. Feel free to bring a change of clothing. 

Can we bring props for the session?
Of course, outfit changes, favourite toys, stuffed animals, instruments...basically anything you want to be included in the photos and not too bulky to carry, bring them. 

How long does the photo shoot session last?
It usually lasts about 1 ~ 2 hours depends on the session you've selected.

How do we book you?
Simply email me here and let me know you would like to book a photo shoot session. 

Where will the photos be taken? Do you have a studio?
I am an outdoor on-location photographer so I prefer to use natural, available light. For newborn/maternity I can shoot indoor at your home if you prefer. Once you have booked your session date we can discuss what type of feel and style you are looking for in your photographs.
If you really want to shoot in a studio environment, we can always rent one.

Do you do party or event?
Yes I do, please feel free to email me about your party event. 

When will I receive my photos?
Normally you will receive a Contact Sheet on PDF format and/or web gallery link to review you images within 1 week. Once you have selected the final images, it will approximately take another week to receive them via digital download. All pictures will be fully edited, colour corrected, black and white converted (some photos), cropped and deliver all in print ready High Resolution JPEG and Low Resolution JPEG for Web use (email, Facebook, etc.) 

Do you give away any RAWs?
We do not give RAW (unprocessed) files away from our shoots because if they are unfinished they are not for you to see. 

Are there any additional charges for me to receive my photos?
I charge one-time flat rate, so NO additional fee will be charged, unless you purchase extra photos.

Can I upload my photos to Facebook or any other social networks?
Absolutely, please feel free to share them on Facebook or any other social networks, and please don't forget to give us some photo credit.

Will you post my photos to Facebook or any other social networks?
For most session I will post few really good ones on my Facebook page for sneak preview purpose. Others will go on to this website on a regular basis. However, if you do not feel comfortable having any of your images to be posted, please don't hesitate to let me know. Your privacy is very important to us.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you. Thank you!